What is a Pro Forma Invoice? or a Commercial Invoice?(DHL)

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What is a Pro Forma Invoice? or a Commercial Invoice?(DHL)

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a Pro Forma Invoice: Used for goods not intended for further sale, returned merchandise and goods intended for temporary import. This type of invoice declares estimated value and is NOT accepted by all countries. Please check with customer service before selecting. 

Es utilizada para bienes con propósito no comerciales (regalos, reparaciones, etc). NO es aceptado por todos los países. Es necesario consultar con el servicio al cliente.  

a Commercial Invoice: A formal declaration of a shipment’s content, declared actual value and purpose. Also provides the destination country’s customs with information needed to determine duty, control imports and identify the consignor and consignee of the shipment.

Es la declaración a detalle del contenido de un envío, contiene el valor real y país de origen del producto enviado. Proporciona a aduana la información necesaria para determinar el cargo arancel. 


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